Over time we are crowdsourcing content on this website to the people who are creating and running their own green projects. This website has been started by me Dr. Ron Suarez and my wife Margarete Koenen.

In 2011, we were web developers number 1 and 2 for the website that registered 9,000 users in 100 working groups for Occupy Wall Street.

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In 2016 I was elected as a delegate from New York CD 14 and pledged to Bernie Sanders. That is the same district in which AOC was elected and I helped in a small way to petition to get her on the ballot.

In 2018 I suffered a serious spinal cord injury. I am still recovering and partially paralyzed. I am finally healthy enough to be working on this website and hopefully we will be joined by lots of other people. After

Margarete writes all of the code and does the graphic design work. She has also combined her creative artwork to get others spreading messages on social media with examples like this in 2016: